Go Big Red

I painted these for my friends, Megan and Matt. They recently had little Max, and decorated his bedroom in a Husker theme. Never too young to cheer the Huskers on!

Little Lamb

Sam's cousin, Meghan, ordered this painting from me to give as a shower gift. She wanted something that could be gender-neutral, so we came up with the little lamb in black, white and orange.


This is a lily I painted for my friend's mom. She recently re-decorated her bedroom in beautiful grays with butter yellow accents. This painting is hanging above the bed and looks great. It pulls the whole room together. I loved the color combination of this painting....and wanted to keep it for my own house!

New Logo and Etsy

You may notice I have a new logo design on my blog. I found a graphic artist through Etsy.com to create it for me, as well as a web banner and an avatar. I love my new logo and feel more professional having one cohesive look!

Speaking of Etsy.com....if you have not been on the site, you should! It is a great site where thousands of artists sell their artwork. And, it's not just artwork, but almost anything you can think of...jewelry, clothings, purses, bags, kids clothes, hairbows, etc. You can search by item or even regionally to support local artists. I've purchased several items and have always had great luck.

You can shop for my artwork on Etsy, as well. I sold my very first item last week to someone in California, which was very exciting. I hope to continue to add more items and hopefully sell more, too! I'm still figuring out exactly how shipping works, especially with my larger pieces, but you can check out my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/anniemneal

And, of course, feel free to pass the word along!

Lucas Painting

My cousin and his wife have 3 adorable little boys...Roberto, Niko and Lucas. My aunt has ordered personalized paintings for each of the boys over the years. Roberto's painting was one of the first "kids" paintings I did. Here is the latest addition for Lucas, as well as the other two paintings.

Initial Wreaths

So, I was wanting something to hang on my front door and decided to attempt making a wreath...then I made a second one...and a third to give as a housewarming gift to a good friend. Here are the results. Next will be one for Christmas time with a big red ribbon and little berry accents!
Let me know if you'd want one for your front door. I'd be happy to make one for you!

Simple White Bloom

My mother and father-in-law requested I paint a picture to hang over their whirlpool in their bathroom, which is painted a very light blue and has beautiful brown tile. I'm hoping this looks as good as I'm imagining! The background in the painting may appear to be black, but it is chocolate brown.

30 x 40 Simple White Bloom

Two Blooms

Here are a couple of large paintings (30" x 40") I did for a woman to go above her stairway leading to her lower level. She is planning to hang one painting above the other. I was able to see her beautiful home when I delivered the paintings and think they will look great with her decor.

I've painted this flower a few times, but the background color, which is a slate gray, was something new.

Baby Demi

Here are a few paintings I did for my friend, Betsy. She decorated her new baby girl, Demi's, room in purple, lime green and black and white. It is a darling room and these were really fun to do. Betsy already had the frames, so I painted the flowers and dragonfly to fit and added the ribbon. Hopefully little Demi will like them as she gets older, too!

It's Been a While!

It's been a few months since my last post, so I have a few to catch up on! Life was a little crazy for a couple months while we moved and got settled in Springfield, IL. But, now things have calmed down and I'm back in the swing of painting during naptimes and when I can on the weekends! Here's some recent pics.

Wedding Initial
This is a painting I originally created for our friends, Bryan and Stephanie Troester's wedding. I've had a few orders since to give as wedding gifts. The initial, bride and groom's name and date are personalized for each painting. This is a 12x12

Tulip Duo
These paintings were done for a woman who saw my painting at Zoofari. She contacted me to paint these for her kitchen to give it a splash of color. Each canvas is 12x12.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
These paintings were done for my friend, Lindsay and her son, Hudson's room. They coordinate with his bedding and hopefully look great in his room. Size of each canvas is 12x12.